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SalesDouble is a leader in B2B lead generation for the sole purpose of helping b2b companies increase sales. If your desire is to increase sales then our marketing expertise is all you’ll ever need for sales and marketing success. With over ten years and millions of telephone calls on behalf of our clients, which include business brokers, insurance agents, commercial real estate agents, accountants, and every imaginable B2B service provided, SalesDouble knows how to market your business for fast sales increases. If you want to increase sales then call us today at 866-231-6776.

While telemarketing is the primary way we generate your initial leads, our full service marketing program is the only one available that offers you a full suite of services so that your sales and marketing program is completely handled by professionals, so you can focus on the successful closing of more transactions as your main path to increase sales.

We begin by providing you with a perfect list of prospects based on our knowledge and experience and your submitted requests. Your marketing success depends on a target list of prospects that we telemarket to and email to and continue to follow up on until they become your clients and you see the increased sales you desire. Your target list is crucial and we begin to clean the data from the first day our telemarketers begin marketing for you. B2B telemarketing is a fantastic way to generate leads that are anywhere from cold, but open to learning, all the way to hot leads that want a call from you immediately. Marketing with SalesDouble is a complete sales and marketing system designed to capture leads of any interest, continue marketing to them, nurturing leads until they come to fruition and help you increase sales.

Once the list is generated for you and a telemarketer selected, we’ll write your script and begin testing it for marketing success and its ability to generate appointments for you.

B2B sales leads that we generate will be a mix of longer term leads with minor interest to very excited leads. If the lead is ready to talk now then you are up to bat. If the lead is just at the looking stage and not ready to talk, then our marketing team will place them on an email campaign based on the lead's interest level. With sales B2B one must realize that each lead generated is valuable and our statistics prove that over one third of our clients closed leads were leads that started out with very little interest and were nurtured by us over time before handing the lead or appointment off to our client. Marketing done right with the sole intent of increased sales is a complex and time consuming process that when outsourced to us gets handled to perfection leaving you in charge of quoting and closing. We seek and find the prospects and you handle the appointment.

Marketing with a full suite of tools such as this is the single most profitable way for you to increase b2b sales and generate leads for your b2b services and products.

Part of the sales and marketing program we provide, for just $119 per week to telemarket to over 5000 businesses per year, also includes a custom email marketing program where we generate b2b email marketing items, place them into a cohesive and effective campaign so they are distributed to the prospect over time and even have a telemarketer call at various times to make sure they are received and re-gauge the prospects interest level to see how close they are to setting an appointment with you, our client. The email marketing items even have tracking in them so that you can view what marketing items have been received by your b2b lead and strike when the iron is hot meaning right when they are ready for an appointment with you.

Unlimited follow up by us is also included in each of the programs and a key to overall marketing success and your increasing your sales.

We know everyone in your target list is going to need your product or service some day, the question is will you be in front of them at just the right time? With the SalesDouble b2b marketing system you will and your marketing success is assured. Whether your goal is a phone appointment or an in person appointment, we’ll continue to pursue the lead we generate for you until they either buy from you, or tell us to go away. When you look at the unique sales and marketing program that SalesDouble offers and the low price point we provide the service at, you’ll agree there is nothing in marketing that compares. Our goal is to put money in your pockets, to help you increase sales, and we know if we do not do that then we get fired and no one wins. From list, to leads that want an appointment with you, to unlimited follow up, SalesDouble handles the whole process.

The Nation's #1 B2B Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, and Lead Generation firm.
A new perfect list of prospects Telemarketing to OVER 5,000 businesses per year Custom Email and Fax Marketing Campaigns
Unlimited follow up by us to get you over the Secret 7 hurdle Database management to keep your prospect list effective Performance evaluations assuring your ROI goal is achieved
Not ready to spend $119 a week? You're already spending much more than that in bad data, wasted time, poor quality prospects, incorrect focus, and reduced's costing you much more to not have your own sales double!

Who needs a SalesDouble?

  • Insurance Agents
  • Commercial Real Estate Agents
  • Small Businesses selling business to business
  • Professionals
  • Business Brokers and Middle Market M&A

Small and medium size businesses, and professionals in selling, are those who benefit most from having a sales double. For lead generation to pay off effectively, leads must be nurtured from the opening of a telemarketing call, all the way through the many steps necessary to close. Telemarketing alone is not a sufficient marketing plan. Database target lists followed by multiple attempts generate leads that produce results.

Just a Taste of Our Client Experience

If you sell business to business...

We start you out with our perfect list... then add exceptional callers getting you in front of top prospects, then add Powerful email marketing campaigns where we get your phone to ring like a private assistant we handle unlimited follow up until they are ready to talk to you

Telemarketing and lead generation is still the best return on investment for many industries. Outbound calling is effective lead generation in high gear and when you add perfect lists and flawless followup to the equation then there is no better ROI.

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