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SalesDouble.com Reviews, Complaints, and Negative Information

A Personal Note from SalesDouble.com Owner, Kelly Smith

My name is Kelly Smith and as a working owner, I can be reached any day during our office hours and many times on the weekends. We work very hard each day to help thousands of small businesses increase their incomes. I'd like to address the new issue all businesses must now endure and that's negative web reviews and complaints that are supposed to be from past clients and yet a lot are simply anonymous posts by competitors.

Businesses today are all glass houses since anyone can go on the web and say anything they want, it becomes "he said - she said". The information below is in response to complaints that past clients have had with our service as well as anonymous complaints you may encounter researching our company. We do not want to diminish what others say and feel about us. However, there are always two sides to any story and we want to make sure you have all the facts before you make a decision to work with us.

SalesDouble is a marketing company, not a lottery ticket and we do all we can to help business owners understand the reality of marketing and proper expectations. When compared to other mediums such as radio, TV, magazine, mailers, or the Internet, we feel we are the best return on investment for the industries we market in to.

At this time for instance if a person is selling merchant services or factoring, we tell them that we don't think it will work. Obviously B2C companies like retailers are also not candidates, so we tell them up front and do not take on the project. Our goal is to increase sales for our B2B clients and keep them for years so they can make money, and we can make money. If a client quits in the first 3 months we lose money.

However, when it comes to business broker marketing, commercial real estate marketing, insurance leads, and most companies that sell to businesses even such as dental lab marketing, other advertising companies, marketing for billing companies and the list goes on, we feel our program, built from the ground up for B2B, is the finest available for the dollars invested. Having said that, let's address some of the issues and allow us to present our side since we do live in a glass house, opinions do matter, and even the BBB won't let us even join (more on that later).

Addressing some of the Sales Double Reviews and Complaints seen on the web

Complaint - Customer Service is Non Responsive:

We literally only receive a dozen phone calls a day and we have 4 people on staff to handle the inbound calls. If for some reason the call goes to voicemail it is returned promptly if during our open hours. Our clients can cancel at anytime and we take that relationship very seriously and are proud to have clients that have been with us now for up to a decade. Probably the most frequent compliment we receive is on our customer service, so it is strange to hear complaints about customer service.

Complaint - Information on leads provided is inaccurate:

I have personally asked people for their email address and when I asked them to confirm they recited yet a different email. One time after 4 attempts to get the person’s email straight I had to just hope we'd finally gotten it correct. We are only as good as the information given and in house we have a system in place to verify the emails but that technology is only so accurate.

In an effort to improve in this area, our client simply need hit reply to the lead that was emailed to them and tell us something was inaccurate and we will quickly and gladly correct it. If we don't get you in front of good prospects then you don't make more money and you fire us. We work constantly toward the goal of making you more money.

Complaint - Leads provided are useless:

We make it clear to clients that some leads will be weak and all we really obtained was the contact info and the prospect has little interest. Our program is set up to handle and nurture those leads so while the client sees them, they do not have to act on them yet, we're doing all the work. Other prospects might listen to the presentation and are anywhere from very interested to just being polite and agree to speak or meet with our client. If our client calls and says "Ya we had a 10 o'clock appointment..." the call might not go well unless the prospect had strong interest. If the client calls and says "You spoke with Linda last week and she mentioned that we have unbeatable rates for plumbers...do you have just a minute"....that same call might go differently.

Often, people sell a product that has very little demand, literally almost a needle in a haystack...and justifiably that is why they came to us, because everything else they've tried isn't working. Although we try to give realistic expectations, the client thinks the results should have been far better. We have hundreds of clients that have been with us for years. Some of our business broker marketing and insurance marketing includes clients that have spent over $100,000 out of their pockets with our firm, because we've helped put much more than that back in their pockets.

It is very unfortunate when any client decides to discontinue our service, however when dealing with literally thousands of businesses, I'm not surprised that a few have nothing but negative things to say about us. We are not happy about it, however we do understand that reality of the law of averages and after 5,000 clients, not everyone can be pleased. I would like to have zero out of 5,000 clients that were unhappy, however even with all that we do to produce a positive outcome, we are learning we cannot please everyone hence SalesDouble gets complaints.

Complaint - Our Sales Representatives earn a commission:

Yes, our Sales Representatives earn a commission, and we are proud to pay them as they are some of the best in the business. Our sales staff are all trained within the same system and we make it clear to all the Sales Representatives that they had better be sticking to the script provided and not "saying anything to make a sale". Our salespeople earn a commission just as do probably more than half the salespeople selling in this world - including most of our clients. However, the callers that call for our clients are paid hourly only, with no commissions or bonuses for "twisting arms". While we are happy to use a commission model for our Sales Representatives, our callers who call for clients are not salespeople, they are appointment setters and lead generation experts - a whole different category and mentality of cold calling. That different mentality and compensation structure ensures our clients get only truly interested parties, with no agenda or bias by their caller to turn longer term leads into an appointment for a prospect who is not ready to buy yet.

In the end, what really matters to someone considering our service is that they get a good return on investment and that they have a positive experience. Over 90% of our competitors require longer term contracts and often large sums of money up front. They do that for many reasons, with the main reason being that they know their service will not work in the long run, so they have to get more money and commitment up front as they know you will not be back.

We have a two week's notice cancellation policy, sign up today and you can cancel tomorrow and only pay for 2 weeks of service. We do that because the minute someone signs up with us we go to work to build a marketing campaign that will put far more money in their pockets than they pay out. The clients that get early results in the first few weeks love us and see that it's working. The clients who do not make a sale in the first month sometimes lose confidence and forget that this is a multi-month and multi-year program – not an instant gratification system where we do everything but hand you a prospect’s check. Most clients’ programs will work given time, patience, and a willingness to work with us and heed our advice on marketing, as this is our expertise.

We are the only company I've ever seen that has testimonial clients listed on our website with contact phone numbers because they are real, have been with us paying for services for many months and most for many years, and are under no obligation to offer to speak to anyone else about our services. Unlike just about every other testimonial you will get from a company listed on their website or over the phone, our Testimonial Clients provide their stories and a phone number to reach them. They are not simply “John in Dallas, TX” or some other unverifiable testimonial. I am proud of that. If we treated our clients the way some people claim, we would not be able to offer Client References like this. Call them and talk to them for yourself if you are not satisfied.

It hurts us deeply when someone leaves our program and especially if they quit with such dissatisfaction that they are willing to post something negative online. All of our staff take it personally when someone accuses us of having poor service, as we are very proud of the value we have brought and continue to bring to our clients all over the country. We will continue to work on improving and finding ways to help our clients make money, as we know that our clients' success is our success. Please do call me with any questions or concerns, and to all we wish you the best of success.


Kelly Smith
Marketing Director / Owner

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