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As a new SalesDouble client, one of the first steps is to work with you to create the best possible list for your offering. We'll use this list to make direct calls to, and even place prospects on email marketing campaigns. You'll receive a copy before we start calling for your review and permanent records. We'll clean your list up as we move through it each week to continually work at improving results.
  • Did you realize that if 30% of your target list that you're marketing to is incorrect, you've thrown away 30% of all marketing dollars at the very first step of your marketing program?
  • Do you know exactly which industries, revenue ranges, geography, etc. are most likely to purchase?
  • Have you tried direct mail, Google ads, telemarketing, email blasts? Might there be something that works better?
  • If you're using a list provider, did you know there's one button, that if you don't click it, is costing you money each and every list you pull?
SalesDouble working as a team with you will create your target list, write a script for our callers to use, develop a series of emails to be used for email marketing campaigns to the prospects we find, and if the prospect isn't ready to speak with you yet we'll handle follow up FOREVER until they tell us to go away or become your new client.
  • Are your sales and marketing messages producing results?
  • Do you use the newest proven psychology and tested sales and marketing techniques and verbiage when you reach out to your target clients?
  • Have you ever paid considerable money for a new website or sales collateral materials with promises of huge gains only to see no difference at the end?
  • With all the options available to try to increase sales, each one costing considerable money, do you know which one is most effective for your business?
Why do we use telemarketing? Why place direct calls to decision makers instead of direct mail or just emails or Google ads or a plane towing a banner? Because for the B2B industries we work with nothing works better than calling decision makers, and we've tested and proven that. When we call and talk to your targeted prospect, we learn their interest level, we can obtain their email address plus their opt-in email permission, we can learn what they're using now, their time frame and more.
  • Is your marketing program PROACTIVE or do you wait for your prospects to find you on the Internet? While they also are viewing every possible competitive option on the web.
  • Direct calls to decision makers can uncover interest level, email address, time frame and much more.
  • Who says "Telemarketing is Dead"? Those who can rely solely on the Internet.
It's been proven many a time that the average B2B sale takes seven contacts. It's also been proven that the average salesperson gives up after two attempts. HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM. No marketing program would be complete without a system of follow-up that continued until the prospect either ended communication or became your new client. That process of follow-up is as much art as it is science and requires many steps. Proven statistics don't lie, how good is your follow-up?
  • SEVEN follow-up touches are required on average to complete a sale. How many follow-up touch points is your company making?
  • All companies and each decision maker have their own best way to communicate. Some ignore emails and want to talk. Some have no time to talk until emails have proven your offering is worthy. Does your follow-up system include all the necessary communication options such as fax, calls, and emails all timed perfectly, adjusted based on each response from the prospect and continuing indefinitely until they buy?
  • Are you losing sales because your sales staff gives up too soon or is too disorganized?
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