What is Active Marketing and Why Should You Care

In its simplest form, Active Marketing is the process of reaching out to prospects directly instead of relying on passive ways to attract prospects and hope they contact you with interest. Studies have shown that there is no substitute for human to human interaction when it comes to convincing people to take action and buy a product or service.

At SalesDouble, we believe that an aggressive outreach program to prospects beats passive approaches all day long and has a variety of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Keeping your pipeline full of potential prospects
  • Being able to predict over time what kind of results you will get
  • Confidence in knowing you are aggressively marketing and not depending on the whims of prospects in order to generate business
  • Having a fixed budget and being able to judge your return on investment (ROI) based on what resources you dedicate to a program
  • Prospects tend to take more action when asked by another person instead of being able to delay a decision as it is solely in their time frame

By contrast, passive marketing techniques like online and physical advertising, mailers, social media, search engine optimization, and others all depend on a great offer, but a prospect is not forced to make a decision as they have no social pressure to take action.

With active marketing techniques, like in person prospecting “door to door”, cold calling and telemarketing, networking, and even targeted follow up email campaigns, the prospect is forced to make a decision right there and now as to whether they have interest or not. When someone asks another individual to make a decision or at least agree to more information and follow up, psychologically they are more apt to take action than if they read a passive advertisement that doesn’t move them to action

While there is no substitute for an active marketing approach, this is not to say that for a well-rounded marketing plan you really need both active and passive approaches in order to cast the widest net. We recommend Active Marketing as the basis of any marketing program and passive techniques as “icing on the cake” when it comes to reaching as many prospects as you can. In fact, passive techniques are best when used to feed active marketing efforts by providing potential prospects to reach out to in a human to human interaction and close the deal.

SalesDouble offers Active Marketing techniques via cold calling and telemarketing combined with passive techniques like email campaigns for those prospects who need to be followed up on consistently to turn them from luke warm prospects to hot prospects who are ready to be closed by a professional. Give us a call to speak to one of our Client Service Experts or get started with the program that fits your budget and goals, and find out more about how we can help you implement an effective marketing campaign with the least cost and biggest payoff.

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