Prospect List Creation
Creating the Perfect List

Have you ever considered that if 30% of your marketing prospects have incorrect data or are not properly targeted and your message never reaches the intended recipients, you have wasted 30% of your entire marketing budget right from the very first step? With over 19 years of experience, we are able to help with this issue and assist in making the most of your marketing budget.

There are several aspects to reaching the right type of prospect for your services, and we will help you determine which are the most important factors for your market and design a target list that best fits your needs. Some things to consider are which industries are performing well in this economy and can afford your services, as well as which industries have the best contact ratios and have proven successful over the years. These things are crucial to your overall marketing campaigns, and we are experts at honing in on your target market to improve results and help you grow your business.

If you have had experience in the past with mailings, telemarketing, email blasts, or any other form of marketing, you may have already found that the “perfect list” is elusive. With our years in this business, we have tried many different sources & methods in search of that “perfect list” for our clients, and we have found with almost every different source that the data originated with one of the major list providers, Dun & Brad or InfoUSA. Because both sources have proven to be the best available, we do use them as our primary sources as a jumping off point, but we do understand that these major providers are fighting an uphill battle to keep data current in a constantly changing market place. That’s why we use the results from our own dials done by the most professional callers in the business to improve the data. With over 2 million dials done in a year, it’s hard to beat that advantage.

Many people have come to us saying they have subscribed to these list sources previously (a cost that can exceed $2000 per year) and not been satisfied with information they were provided. Letting SalesDouble design your target list from these sources has many advantages. Not only will we take the time to design the list based on your specific primary targets (the right industries, geography, and size), but we will use all available filters & tools to give your caller the best chance at reaching the correct decision maker as well. Our List Department knows all the tricks, such as using the “one professional” & filtering for only headquarters & single locations to make sure we are making the most of your dials and not dialing 50 contacts & branches for one company when your goal is to reach the location where your decision maker is most likely located.

These are just some of the many facets of how important and detailed it is to generate a target list of prospects that are your most likely candidates. SalesDouble includes your target list as a regular part of your program at no additional cost. We will work with you to isolate the best candidates and even send you a copy of the list both for you to review and for your records and future use.

If you have questions about the power of starting your next marketing project off right, give us a call to speak to one of our Client Service Experts or get started with the program that fits your budget and goals here.