Ongoing Follow Up

Need help in consistent follow up with prospects?

SalesDouble handles all follow-up for you as our client. Prospects that are ready to speak with you now receive email marketing materials sent by us so they learn about your company. We then email the prospect the day before your call as a reminder to improve chances they'll be waiting when you do call. We also remind you by email that you need to call the prospect. Additionally, all of this information is available 24/7 on our online system that you log in to which paints a clear picture of all the work we're doing and the calls you need to make.

If the prospects are not ready to speak with you yet, then we begin nurturing them with emails and calls over the time frame appropriate for that client. It may be a 30 day campaign or for longer sales cycles such as Commercial Real Estate, Business Brokerage and Middle Market Mergers & Acquisitions.

You can see all the work we're doing, however you don't have to lift a finger. We continue to educate and nurture your prospects until they become your client. When they reply to an email and it's not a buying question, we handle it for you and you don't have to bother with it. If they request a quote or ask specific product information then we pause the campaign and turn them over to you to engage with them and work toward generating a new client.

Just the work we do following up with your prospects is worth the fee we charge for our services even if we didn't include the list efforts, the marketing assistance and the actual calls to find you new prospects. For about the price of lunch each day, SalesDouble builds and maintains a targeted list of ideal prospects.

We then at no additional cost draft a psychologically smart script to spark the interest of decision makers. The quality of script we'll provide could cost you over $1,000 if purchased separately, and that too is included in your program fee.

We then create email marketing collateral using the newest and most effective proven techniques. Not only are the items we create the best in the business, they are sent by us, have tracking included so you can see if your prospects are viewing them and are fully editable so you can change anything you desire in your online system. The cost to re-create what we do for you in the marketing realm could run up to or over $10,000 if you went to a company that did only email marketing.

Included in the follow-up are additional phone calls. Prospects receive the emails with tracking and we mix highly visual graphic emails with text only emails that look like you woke up, drove to work and were thinking about them. It provides the necessary personal touch but you didn't have to do a thing, we handle it all. After a certain amount of emails are sent to the prospects, if they have not replied to any of them offering further insight into their buying picture, we get callers back on the phone calling them to re-gauge interest level, make sure they're reading the emails, and making another attempt to close for an in person appointment. It's hard to put a price on this part of the follow up as you're really getting a professional marketing company working day and night for you as well as a personal assistant.

The follow up portion of our service is offered at no additional cost, and statistically will account for over 1/3 of the new clients we bring to you. If you're ready to take your company to a new high, let our team of expert callers go to work for you pounding through the list we create and opening doors to new opportunities. Give us a call to speak to one of our Client Service Experts or get started with the program that fits your budget and goals.