Frequently Asked Questions
+ What ALL do you do, and what am I responsible for?
Working with you to hit the target dead center, we’ll generate a prospect list, make sure your marketing items hit home, call through the list and generate leads for you (generally shooting for in person appointments), email your marketing materials to the prospect for you, continue to email and call until they are ready to talk to you. Your responsibility is to pick up the ball when the prospect is ready and ideally score a touchdown, or hand it back off to us for further communication by us should the prospect not buy.
+ What kind of guarantee do you provide?
We guarantee we will generate your list and dial the requested number of businesses each month and provide the leads to you and you only while utilizing our services. It would be disingenuous to promise X number of appointments since revenues, geography, industry, etc. all play such a huge role in your final ROI.
+ How long is my commitment?
2 Week's Notice of cancellation is all that is required. Our goal is to put money IN your pocket, not take it out. Just like you would give an employee 2 week's notice, that's all we ask.
+ How soon can I get started?
Start date is agreed upon after you sign up however if you can get us your list request and script approval completed quickly you can generally start the following week.
+ What results will I get from 200 dials?
This is a great question and it does vary so let's look at some of the variables and actual results. We have an insurance agent in Houston TX that gets 3 prospects from 200 dials and rarely gets in person appointments. Larger metro areas and larger companies are often the most heavily marketed to and you see reduced results. If you look at 3 leads from 200 dials and the Bronze program calls every other week, you'd see around 80 leads per year from the program. If you can write 20% of them and keep them for several years as your client....your return on investment will still be worthwhile. We also have an insurance agent in Oklahoma that from his 200 dials averages 4 in-person appointments and then another 4 send info's or phone appointments. Why the huge difference in results when we use the same callers, scripts, list sources, etc.? The answer is that your geography, your competitors marketing efforts, and your target list are all factors that affect results. Together we continually work to improve every factor involved so that you can obtain the best results possible. If you want an idea of results prior to signing up just call Client Service and open a dialogue.
+ Does your online system sync with Outlook or Google Calendar ?
Yes, the online lead management system that you have access to provides integration with both Outlook and Google Calendar. In addition you can also download all your lead information any time to integrate into other applications as needed.
+ What is my total out-of-pocket to just try your service
Unlike most services such as InfoUSA which require a 1 year contract and over $200 each month for a glorified electronic phone book, SalesDouble does everything it can to keep your start up costs low. Your set up fee is $695 and includes list, scripting, and marketing assistance. Once you pick a start date for calls to begin you pay $129 per week and can cancel anytime with 2 week's notice. Set up fee plus 30 days of calls totals $1211 which would be the minimum. We request that you do not even sign up if you are not able to participate for at least 3 to 6 months as we are not a lottery ticket. While you may often “hit gold” in your very first call block, to see a true return on investment requires filling your pipeline, patience, and the magic 7 contacts building one upon another.
+ Who is making the calls?
We place calls on your behalf and sound as if we are right there in your office since we are working for you. While we do have in house callers, most of the callers work in remote offices here in the continental US, and they will train for your project so they are comfortable enough to sound like they are right in your office. Each of our callers is always based in the US, not India or some offshore location, and are well educated, highly trained and paid, and the number one compliment we receive as a company is the professionalism of our callers. We are very proud of our callers.
+ Are the prospects you generate for me exclusive ?
All leads generated for you are provided to you and only you within your industry. If we are calling for a business broker, an insurance agent, and a commercial realtor all in the same town there would obviously be overlap. However, no other client within the same industry will receive the same lead.
+ Language - Do we have Spanish or other speaking callers?
No we only have English speaking callers.  We successfully call all over the United States however currently choose not to call AK and HI.  We even call Puerto Rico which is mostly Spanish speaking and our English speaking callers who call there do very well as the businesses in PR know they need to speak English to do well.
+ Where does the list come from if generated by SalesDouble?
Our list is proprietary having called over 20 million businesses. We update our list continually using various list providers.
+ Can I add my own leads to the system and send the marketing materials to my own prospects?
Yes, we recommend it! To send items to one of your own prospects, simply roll over the Contacts tab and then click on Add Lead. Once the lead is added you can send them all the same materials we send, place them on long term campaigns, and even enter notes that can be triggered to email to yourself as a reminder in the future.
+ Do the marketing materials you send out to prospects have tracking capabilities?
Yes. You can add tracking cookies to any of the items created and then see when your prospect receives and views them.
+ What industries do you call for?
We market for most all business to business. We do not place any residential calls.
+ Do I need to download any software or have special hardware or skills to work with your system?
No. Our online system is far easier than ACT or and no special skills or hardware are needed.
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