FastTrak Program Enhancement

Although our program is designed to help grow your business over time, we understand you might want to reach out to your target market more aggressively to possibly get quicker results. This is why we have our FastTrak option.

With this method, we will accelerate the number of dials we are making for you on a weekly basis to reach as many possible prospects during an agreed-upon time frame (2-8 weeks normally), then automatically decreasing your dials to normal once that time frame has passed. Not only will we complete the initial dials to your target market quicker with the FastTrak option, but you are more likely to see rapid results and a return on investment sooner.

Below are a few reasons that many of our clients have chosen the FastTrak option.
  • Open Enrollment
  • Tax Season
  • Limited-Time Promotions
  • Tradeshows/Webinars
  • Special Events
  • Seasonal Business Trends
Client Service is more than happy to discuss if FastTrak will benefit you, so give us a call at 866-231-6776!